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Examples Of Web Developer Portfolios - Lizara Tech Pvt.Ltd.

Examples Of Web Developer Portfolios

February 19, 2020

Trustworthiness is a vital aspect of your front end developer portfolio. If your client requests you to work with something that you aren’t proficient in and you end up doing a poor job at it, it will only damage your credibility. We have put together the ultimate list of ways to create a winning front https://remotemode.net/ end developer portfolio. Although seemingly abstract, the website offers a deep sense of mystery that somehow grabs the attention of a typical web user, encouraging them to continue scrolling down. Dries undoubtedly displays an expert level of design and development skills with his portfolio.

How many projects should be in a front end developer portfolio?

So there you have it: 5 projects you can include in your frontend end portfolio. Also, these don't all have to be separate projects. You could create a perfect score cloned website or a CRUD application that uses an API to call data from a JSON file. Now you can go forth and build.

Instead of using clashing colors and patterns, Edgar Deiner sticks to one single, bold, color — yellow — and balances it out with a neutral black for his portfolio. Let’s look at 9 of our favorite portfolios that have inspired us, and we hope will inspire you as well.

How to start building your front end developer portfolio

Your portfolio can be shared out easily by stakeholders within a hiring team or client and prove your commitment to staying up-to-date with continually updating tech trends. An interactive, whimsical portfolio with explosive animations. Cassie Codes’ portfolio is unique insofar as it is intentionally designed to be playful. This portfolio showcases Cassie’s career and her future aspirations; how to become a front end developer she’s not just a programmer and developer but also a thought leader. People hire other people, not designers; it may seem like an abstraction, but the more you can showcase your personality in the portfolio, the better. This one is particularly notable because it’s animated, exciting, and engaging. As you scroll down, all the elements animate and move on over that cool mint green background.

front end developer portfolios

In general, the portfolio conveys a sense of originality and confidence in his web design skills. An interesting aspect of his portfolio’s design is that visitors can switch between light and dark themes by clicking on the options in the lower-left corner of the website. A well-designed website can increase credibility and brand recognition. Also, show your personality through the site’s design to create a lasting impression. Displaying your programming skills and web development experience is key. It is also a good idea to mention your education or web development certifications you’ve earned to add credibility.

web development portfolios to learn from in 2023

It’s easy when playing with color — and in Niall’s case clashing colors — to accidentally create an overwhelming experience for potential clients. We like how Niall utilizes color and pattern as an accent to accompany pictures or words, versus having it be the main focus. Additionally, he makes clever use of the screenshots of his portfolio examples, creating a fun, interactive experience on its own, along with links to the sites. This may seem like a simple project, but it can actually get pretty complex. You can use it to show off your ability to use media queries, breakpoints, and column layouts in CSS.

He also uses banded gradients that give the look of gentle lighting. The QI Catalog is a curated compilation of WordPress themes inspired by different forms of art. Learn how to write a cover letter for a tech job and get some attention-grabbing free cover letter examples. We hope this has provided you with a great source of inspiration for your portfolio site.

My Portfolio Website

These types of data operations are carried out on many websites, including blogs, e-commerce sites, and more. For this portfolio project, you’ll create a virtual keyboard that looks good on any device. Then, create a keyboard on the page that’s fully functional and can be used to edit the content in the textarea. The people who visit your portfolio should be able to navigate it easily without any confusion. After you ensure everything functions the way it’s supposed to, implement a creative, attention-grabbing design that appeals to your intended audience. Usually, during the interview process, you will be asked to walk through a project you worked on.

  • Rick Bossenbroek’s approach to animation is a bit more subtle.
  • If you just started building your front-end development skills, there’s no better time to make your portfolio.
  • The intro paragraph is small and simple, but memorable and encourages you to continue scrolling the page.
  • Front end work can benefit not only mobile and desktop sites but also video social networking applications.

This full-stack web developer portfolio is an example of a portfolio that precisely presents the author’s personality and skills. Focused on creating clean, user-friendly experiences and websites, Pavel Huza is a Czech Republic-based front-end developer and web designer. Riccardo Zanutta is a web developer who deals with front-end work. This web developer portfolio showcases his efficiency and skillset. The highlight of his website, however, is the way he lays out his case studies, with many beautiful visual elements and references, using only minimal detail. Oxdragon is a fine example of a template-based web developers’ profile. The portfolio displays the company’s work using a template, allowing them to create their own content without building the site directly from the ground up.

The Best-Looking Web Developer Portfolio Examples

This resource will serve as the first impression of your work to future potential employers and evolve to showcase the absolute best of your skillset. Now that you know what to include in your portfolio, it’s time to get started. Creating a portfolio can be a daunting task, but it’s essential for any web developer.

  • A portfolio is one of the best ways to show off your skills and get hired.
  • Your projects are one of the core components of your front end portfolio.
  • Other popular options include Netlify, Codepen, which specializes in front-end development, and Stacklitz, which supports almost all popular frameworks and libraries.
  • With competition healthy, every developer needs a portfolio that sets them apart from the rest and makes them attractive to potential employers and clients.
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